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This Service is aimed at owners of leasehold Flats and Houses:

Flat tenants or groups of tenants who want to extend their lease, or purchase the freehold of the property as a group.

Freehold flat owners who want to ensure they get a fair deal for a lease extension or the freehold

Leasehold house owners wishing to buy their freehold

There are two possible solutions:

1 The right to a longer lease (Lease Extension) 

2 The right to collectively buy the freehold of your block (Freehold Enfranchisement)

Howard Gross Associates provides advice and guidance for these purposes. Howard can negotiate a valuation of your leasehold or freehold on your behalf and can mediate between both parties every step of the way.

Getting started

Let Howard look at a copy of the lease to see if you qualify. Only once you have instructed Howard Gross Associates will fees be incurred. Contact Howard now for a free 10 minute consultation/fee quote on 01202 716611.